I made a mix CD cus i #WishYouWereHere – Volume 3 #YallaNow

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So I’ve been bad at this. Very bad. Its been months since I last posted something here. But in all fairness I haven’t been keeping put. Good things come to those who wait or in this case those who #YallaNow

I’ve got a treat for you, a new mix CD cus i #WishYouWereHere. This is a collection of music that i have picked up from my recent travels to Lebanon, Thailand, Egypt… Why do I Wish You Were Here? Well… the mood of the music answers the question. Beach season is here. Time to watch serene sunsets sipping on that caipirinha

I made a mix CD cus i #WishYouWereHere – I shot this in Phuket at Baba Nest in April 2013. If you are ever in HKT, it is a MUST see. Panoramic sunset view which is simply fantastic.

Tracklist below – create a playlist in your iTunes and listen to the tracks in this order:

Open – Rhye
Raoui – Souad Massi
Why Die – Gaelle Cardoso
I Miss You (Beyonce cover) – The xx
The Fall – Rhye
Little Man (Benji Boko Remix) – Little Dragon
Chained – The xx
Retrograde (Finnebassen Finn Pilly Edit) – James Blake
Somebody (Clock Opera Remix) – Niki & The Dove
Lost – Frank Ocean
Giorgio by moroder – Daft Punk
Losing You – Solange
Rock The Boat (Zeni N Deep Mix) Re-Edit – Aaliyah
Me & You (Frederick Stone Remix)-  Cassie
C O O L – Le Youth
Get Lucky 8 Bit – Daft Punk
Ritual – Blood Diamonds
Liquorice – Azealia Banks
Play Everything – Maya Jane Coles (feat. Karin Park)
Flash of Light (Solomun Mix) – Luca C & Brigante feat. Róisín Murphy
Resurrection (Penguin Prison Remix) – The Temper Trap
Lady Luck (Taito Tikaro Radio Remix)-  D.P.M feat. Chipper
Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) – Yuna

Download the zip file from here. If you get a message about unable to scan for viruses as the ZIP is too large. Rest assured the files are clean 🙂

Open to reviews and comments.


Give me some of that Sweet Lanka

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Eat Your heart out instagram

At one point in 2012, when it was I’m so over this o’clock, I packed my bags joined a few of my mates to a quick break to Sri Lanka. The trip was so random and impromptu. With nothing but a swimming suit and insect repellent in my carry on, I couldn’t wait to get out of the hustle and bustle of Dubai and indulge in some well earned R&R.

A 4 hour plane ride + a 3 hour bus ride later, I opened my eyes to a tropical beach paradise. We stayed at a beach called Mirissa at a surf shack called Water Creatures. Yup you heard me, a surf shack. Random huh? The rooms were primitive but very clean. The most important feature was the misquote nets. But rooms aside… the beach was phenomenal. Diving in the cool Indian Ocean felt extremely refreshing.

We’d spend most of the day in the surf shack, chilling, tanning and bumming around. And at night the music would pump up and everyone would dance to : 

We met a bunch of cool people. Most of them trust-fund babies from around the world (Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, US, UK….) People that have been there for months and do nothing but surf, eat , drink and sleep. The most interesting character though was this woman called Jojo; she wore a tank top that said “Artist at work”. She spent mot of her day in a sketch book and I couldn’t tell if she was writing, sketching or doodling palm trees. I coughed up the courage to ask her “hey, what are you working on?” She said that she was going through an Eat, Pray, Love moment in her life… I didn’t know if I should say ouch or good for you. From the looks of it, she was in Sri Lanka to eat… which brings me to the next topic FOOD.

OMFOOD! I think we all ate our entire weight in seas food. Everything we consumed was freshly caught hours prior and cooked to our liking. Batter fried, breaded, grilled, steams, tossed with coconut, tossed with chili, seared, etc. YUM YUM YUM! You’d think a surf shack would only have beer and fish and chips, but oh no, it has an extensive menu of yummy sea-side delicacies and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

This 3 night getaway wasn’t enough. Writing this is making me crave another vacation. Maybe it’s time to pack the insect repellent again (which btw the insects weren’t that bad there) . Perhaps next time I might venture into Colombo and the jungles and ride some elephants!


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Back by popular demand, I have compiled a second volume for you guys just in time for the last 30 days of summer.  No this isn’t a Jay-Z mixtape (99 problems) but i’ll admit the title was inspired by his song. From the beginning I knew what I wanted to name this album. Is the album name about a specific bitch? Is the album  name about not having a bitch? Is the album name about the 50-foot woman in the 1958 movie classic? Is the album name a dedication to the urban artists included? Maybe, maybe, maybe and maybe. As always, the mix cd starts with a slow and mellow tempo then builds its way up. Some of the songs are great covers of older songs, some are hip and new, some are foreign… Everytime I thought I had nailed the compilation, I’d fall in love with another song that fit with the album’s theme, and as it stands now, the mix CD has 33 tracks (11 more  than the previous mix CD) for your listening pleasure. I’ll stop talking now and I’ll leave you to enjoy it for yourselves. Update your iPods and refill your flasks because the summer aint over yet!


  • Need Your Love (RAC Mix) -Temper Trap
  • We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow – SOKO
  • High For This – Ellie Goulding
  • Happy – Mishka
  • Big in Japan – Ane Brun
  • Running – Jessie Ware
  • Sweet Life – Frank Ocean
  • To Build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra
  • Heart It Races (Dr. Dog Cover) – Architecture in Helsinki
  • Children Of The Bad Revolution (unreleased) – Lana Del Rey
  • Mira – Melody Gardot
  • Quiet – Non Tiq
  • Maliblue – Darius
  • Cherry Wine  Nas ft. Amy Winehouse
  • No more lovesongs – LACROSSE
  • Go Outside – Cults
  • Do You Remember – Ane Brun
  • Ghetto Baby (unreleased) – Lana Del Rey
  • Let’s Have a Kiki – Scissor Sisters
  • I Don’t Feel It Anymore (George Raquet Remix) – William Fitzsimmons
  • Take Me Over (Flight Facilities Remix) – Cut Copy
  • If You Girl Only Knew (Finnebassen Remix) – Aaliyah
  • Dance With Me – Le Youth
  • Fierce – Azaelia Banks x Paris is Burning
  • Really want to see you again – Sneaky Sound System
  • Sırada Sen Varsın – Bengü
  • Beautiful feat. Fisher (Original Mix) – George Acosta, Fisher
  • Let It Shine (Walsh & McAuley Remix) – Betsie Larkin with Bjorn Akesson
  • Tonight In Babylon – LoverushUK ft Bryan Adams
  • By Now – Miss Palmer
  • Friends – Sneaky Sound System
  • Black To White – Felix Cartal feat. Miss Palmer
  • Let’s have a Kiki (Peter Rauhofer bitch master) – Scissor Sisters


OR if the above link doesn’t work due to limit

DOWNLOAD HERE (Google Drive – ignore the virus warning, the file is safe)


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Mix tapes, remember those? Yeah I used to be one of those kids that had mix tapes. I’d record them off the radio when I was around 10. I’d slip the tape into my Sony Walkman and take it everywhere with me. The joy that gave me is incomparable to how music mixes are done nowadays. Today everything is computerized with playlists etc. Back then I’d sit next to the radio and press record as soon as I’d head a song I wanted…. sometimes recording over songs accidentally, or catching the last few words from the presenter’s sentence. It gave the term ‘mix tapes’ its’s charm. We were so easily amused when we were younger. This new generation is missing out! iTunes and YouTube are the Walkman killer.

Moving along… I MADE A MIX CD FOR YOUR COCHLEA. Volume 1. is the first of many volumes to come (or so I intend). Music I’ve come across over the past month. The album will take you through a journey. A bit emotional, and slow at first but the tempo gets faster, the beats get louder, and the voices get higher. The CD is a blend of indie, electronic and house. Most of the songs are new and recent from 2012; there are a few songs from 2011 that I only came across recently which I felt were worth sharing. The mood set for this album is to celebrate the beginning of Summer. It’s getting hot so its the season of minimal clothing moving forward. 22 tracks and a thumbs up to that.


  • Never let me go (unreleased) – Lana Del Rey
  • Free – Graffiti6
  • Conquest – The Sound Of Arrows
  • Hurricane – Ms Mr
  • Die Young – The Sweet Serenades
  • Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
  • Miracle – Ghost Beach
  • With You feat. Grovesnor – Flight Facilities
  • Stronger – Totaly Enormous Extinct Dinosoars
  • Paris (Aeroplane Remix) – Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone I
  • Over – Gusgus
  • A Dragonfly In The City (Teen Daze Remix) – Sun Glitters
  • Guts (The Sound Of Arrows Remix) – Alex Winston
  • Electric Sky – Milla Jovovich
  • Idea Of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix) – Van She
  • I’m Addicted – Madonna
  • Tapes & Money – Totaly Enormous Extinct Dinosoars
  • Sunrise –  Jodie Harsh X Melanie C
  • Hollywood (The Magician Remix) – RAC ft. Penguin Prison
  • Set You Free – Jodie Harsh X Melanie C
  • A Perfect World (Seamus Haji Club Mix) – Gossip
  • Spectrum (Say My Name) – Florence + The Machine vs Calvin Harris

I hope you enjoy this mix cd, and I’d love to hear feedback and opinions. Did you figure out what a cochlea is yet? I’ve known about the cochlea since I was 7. Discuss…


Hurricane by Ms Mr

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If this video doesn’t give you popilepsy i don’t know what will. Introducing Ms Mr; dark and moody electro pop with stunning vocals, this one checks all the boxes!

Morocco to the Moon #ArtDubai #LouisVuitton

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Luxury and art have never been so closely linked as in these early years of the 21st century. Virtually all the world’s major luxury Houses have associated themselves with contemporary art via sponsorships, commissions or foundations which nourish the increasingly symbiotic relationship between art and luxury, founded on shared values of passion and creativity, excellence and exclusivity. Together, art and luxury have come to define a vision, a lifestyle, an art de vivre, to which millions of people throughout the world aspire.

Of all modern luxury brands, Louis Vuitton can claim to maintain the richest and most varied associations with the world of art, focusing the attention on the transmission of art and culture and passion for creation at different levels and from generation to generation.

Transmitting savoir-faire and creativity is one of the founding cornerstones of Louis Vuitton. Preserving the past and preparing for a brighter future are fundamental values that have inspired the Maison for more than 150 years. Supporting children and young peoples’ futures are one of the main actions worldwide. Louis Vuitton seeks to instil and nurture an exploration, enjoyment and passion for the arts among young people which they can take into adult life and perhaps follow as career.


As leader of the luxury industry we believe that we naturally have a responsibility to the world around us. Louis Vuitton continues to preserve its involvement within the world of Art & Education and this tradition dates back to the very core start of the House. Over the years, Louis Vuitton maintained its kinship with the field of Art, Education and culture with global projects, such as Young Arts Projects in London, Arte Excellence program in Singapore and the art and educational projects in Dubai in collaboration with Start”, says Yves Carcelle, CEO and President of Louis Vuitton.

Embodying the brand’s creative spirit, its long tradition of arts patronage, as well as its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, Louis Vuitton is proud to be part of Art Dubai and pay homage to Yto Barrada and her artistic project, Morocco to the Moon, in collaboration with Zid Zid Kids for this unique media installation and educational workshops that would extend opportunities to the young to access the art world in a different and playful way.

Morocco to the Moon has been commissioned by Art Dubai and made possible with the support of Louis Vuitton, as part of art and educational worldwide programs of the Maison and its commitment towards the community, throughout the world.

For her project at Art Dubai, Yto Barrada with designers Zid Zid Kids created an interactive installation, inspired by a 1950s sci-fi universe of astronauts, aliens and space robots. Serving as a uniquely designed exploration area and trilingual educational zone for both children and adults, Morocco to the Moon takes over the Water Terrace at Art Dubai, and features workshops, film projections, and ice cream.

Following the art projects in 2011, came the collaboration with Yto Barrada, with the unveiling of the Twin Palm Island inCasablanca during February 2012. The unveiling came as a prelude to the Art Dubai collaboration, the latest in a series of empowering children workshops in the region, such as the first one with the Lebanese artist Nadim Karam, followed by another children’s workshop for the benefit of START with Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri. Louis Vuitton chooses to pay tribute to Yto Barrada for her tremendous engagement with children & art.



Yto Barrada (b. 1971, Paris) works and lives in Tangier. She is the director and co-founder of the Cinémathèque de Tanger,North Africa’s first cinema cultural center, which opened in 2006.

Barrada was awarded Artist of the Year 2011 by the Deutsche Bank and had her first exhibition, “Riffs,” at theDeutsche Guggenheim,Berlin, which, after, moved to Wiels (Bruxelles); it is currently at The Renaissance Society (Chicago) and, then, will travel to Ikon Gallery (Birmingham) and Fotomuseum Winthertur (Zurich). The exhibit was accompanied by a catalogue and a limited-edition collectors artist book, « A Guide to Trees for Governors and Gardeners».

Other recent exhibitions include MoMA, theWalkerArtsCenter, Tate Modern, Jeu de Paume, Witte de With,Munich’s Haus der Kunst, and the 2007 and 2011 Venice Biennales.

A monograph of Yto Barrada’s work will be published by JRP Ringier in the spring of 2012, with contributions from Marie Muracciole, Juan Goytisolo, Sina Najafi, and a photographic essay with Jean-François Chevrier.

Yto Barrada is represented by Galerie Polaris,Parisand Galerie Sfeir Semler,Hamburg&Beirut.

La Maison Goose

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On the night of the 10th of February, Grey Goose aka The World’s Best Tasting Vodka, threw their first ever massive event in Dubai at the Al Koufa in the Arabian Court in The One & Only Royal Mirage (well at least the first that I know of).

The event was quite the show, very unlike Grey Goose who are known to be the low-key type of vodka… (compared to the flamboyancy of Belvedere for example). As you walk towards the entrance to Al Koufa, you are faced with a massive arabian double-gate, and to the side of that gate is a tiny door that you have to bend over to enter. Once past the door, we found ourselves in a courtyard decked in shades of white and blue; long white tables, crystal chandeliers, French armoires, a grand white piano… The setting was quite the pleasant surprise, well done to the guys at Brag.

The entertainment for the night commenced with Guy Manoukian on the piano with Mireille Harboyan on the vocals, followed by a dance performance by 6 ballerinas gliding on the white tables that separated the crowd, and to get the crowd grooving sexy house beats Frederick Stone on the DJ deck.

Lookin’ forward to the next big thing by the gusy from Brag… Keep it up!

Photos courtesy of Brag

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